Saturday, June 6, 2015

Opposite of wanderlust

So I'm on an adventure. New state. City. Al that. If I'm missing home so intensely, does that make me a small minded simpleton? Or does that make me someone who is rooted in family and familiar things. 

Say at the end of a year here I realize I never want to leave Southern California, does that make me small minded? Or someone who has explored a small area outside her comfort zone and didn't like it. 

But it would also make me someone who knew for sure instead of wondering. 

Yes. I saw what was out there. And I prefer what's in here instead. 

What's the opposite of wanderlust? Wandernotlust. Wander opposed. Stayhomelust. Settledownlust. 

Find  a city. Find your people. Settle down. That lust. 

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