Monday, July 27, 2015


How lucky am I to be forced into all of this self examination. No distractions. I mean, plenty of distractions, but mostly self examination. Forced. Free time to fill and refocus. 

Amanda Palmer. I lost track of her blog and a friend's "like" on Facebook reminded me of her and I spent a while reading about her. So many feelings. Deep feelings and deep connections with her friends and people. Going to check out her book. I watched her TED talk. Very inspiring and true. 

Human connection. Vulnerability. Asking. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Flying dream

Greg was flying a small plane with me. Lake Tahoe. Mountains in the background. Deep teal water below. Gorgeous water. Melissa and Paul were there. 

Ended up being a birthday party. Aunt Noni was there, Uncle John and Uncle Joe. I was crying in my sleep. Lovely dream. 

Someone showed up in my dream and she was wearing a blue shiny dress. It was shimmering like magic. Someone announced "Your fairy godmother is here." And I think that fairy godmother was my aunt Noni or auntie Shu. The one in the shimmering dress. 

And then I woke up. Before I woke up completely I was enjoying being around all of my family. I wanted to remember everyone who was there. 

The dream has the feeling of those dreams after mom and dad died. Very intense emotions. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015


I really had a great time in town last weekend  

More than that I felt like I was there longer than a day and a half. 

Therapist says to enjoy the moment rather than already being sad about it being gone before its happened.  

Totally effing worked. 

Might be because I'm back in town next week. Whatever. 

This is what happened and I appreciated it and enjoyed it. 

Best weekend. Chill. No plans.  Naps! Every day!