Sunday, September 13, 2015

Up up perspective

Talked to Auntie Shu this morning. Almost an hour. We caught up on work, travel plans. Plans to move back. Weather here, people not as friendly as I hoped. Miss having friends around. She offered her place. Asked if I was looking for jobs in California. I said I was also looking in Northern California, Washington and Portland. I had friends there and knew the weather. Also was more welcoming than Arizona. She mentioned the weather in the pnw, but I always loved the rain. 

It was good catching up with her. I think of her often and all the adventures we had getting me moved out here. She's seeing her doctor soon bc she's experiencing shortness of breath. Mentioned that heart disease is not in our family, by my uncle and mom and grandmother and older sister had heart issues. I'm worried about her. But I'm always worried about people. 

Maybe I'll move to W town. Plenty of cousins to go around. 

LA suburb. Tucked in the corners and surrounded by family. 

Adventure. Perspective. Finding out what is important to me. What I need, what I can do without, and what I can't do without. 

Some things you don't know for sure until you go out and find out for yourself. 

We ended our conversation by saying we loved each other. She said she thinks of me all the time and it's just so comforting to know. 

Plans for thanksgiving at MJD's. 

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